Reasons to Volunteer
 1.     Teachers Teach More Effectively According to the NEA, when parents volunteer their time to help out with classroom chores, such as making/taking down bulletin boards, sorting permission slips, and other time-consuming detail-work, they free teachers to spend more time on their field of expertise—educating young minds!  
 2.    Children Learn Better NEA statistics indicate that school-aged children whose parents have high levels of involvement in their schools, are more likely to earn high grades and less likely to have ever repeated a grade.
3. Children See That You Care About Them and Their Education 
As kids move on to middle and high school, the call for parent volunteers wanes. Use it or lose it. Now or never. Make the most of your time in these years to observe your child in his natural landscape, get a feel for the friendships he is involved in, see him through his teachers’ eyes, and send him the message that you care enough to give your time.